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Looking for wilderness, seeking tranquillity, welcome to Pikku Peura Restaurant

Welcome to Pikku Peura Game Restaurant!

We operate in the heart of the land of Wild Forest Reindeer, next to the Peura Trail and the Salamajärvi National Park, as a venue for parties and meetings for groups on request. Minimun group for a venue is 10 people.

Our premises can accommodate up to 100 people, with separate concessions and a meeting room with equipment.

The cottages and other facilities of the adjacent Valkeisjärvi camping site are only 200 m away, and we can also provide your group with other accommodation, programme services and experiences that enhance well-being in nature.

We use mainly game and wild herbs in the restaurant, but we can tailor a suitable dish for any occasion, according to your wishes. Kivijärvi pike perch, salmon and Lestijärvi vendace are ordered from local entrepreneurs. Beef from Riihelä and Kalmari farms and meat from Highland cattle are also included in our menus.

Elk meat is obtained from hunters in the surrounding area, and occasionally wild deer and bear have also been available.

Ask for a quote for your meeting or celebration and let the wilderness make a tasty day in the wilderness for you!